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the unpretty ones (body dysmorphic disorder)
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This is a commuity for girls [or boys] who suffer or feel they suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or similar disorders/feelings.

Those who have BDD are abnormally preoccupied with a real or imagined defect in their physical appearance. For example, they may worry endlessly that their skin is pale, their hair is too curly, their nose is too long, or something else is wrong with the way they look. When others tell them they look fine or that the flaw isn't noticeable, people with this disorder don't hear or believe it. The person with BDD may also experience periods of depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts because of their preoccupation with their perceived flaw.
"Body dysmorphic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder. The disorder is different from eating disorders because it involves other factors besides one's weight or body size. Physical features or attributes are what provokes the person's anxiety and negative beliefs. Those with BDD have several 'cognitive distortions' about how they look. Cognitive distortions are distorted beliefs about a perceived flaw,"

- taken from this website on BDD.

Please note this community is not an eating disorder support group. There are many communities out there for this. This is focused primarily on bdd, depression and self hate. We do not promote any destructive behaviour, but lend support for those who think they need help with their problems, or feel they are alone with how they feel. No one is ever alone.

(edit.) PLEASE NO PRO ANA/MIA posts. They will be removed.

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